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VISE75M  Stainless vise for wire EDM / wire EDM precision vise / wire clamp tools

Size:127x80x22mm   Clamping range: length:0-75mm

Features :

  • Precision wire cutting vise is used in conjunction with the high precision WEDM;manually alignment purpose designing,fast to prepare workpiece under location;
    • Property of stainless steel,treated by casting, vacuum heating heating and deep cryogenic forming and finished;bring molding,finally the vise with good stability, good rigid without deformation;
  • With manual screw lock fixture design, suitable to clamp the small workpiece;
  • Recommended maximum load capacity of 3kg.


  • Parallelism within:100mm/3um
  • Squareness within:100mm/5um
  • Material:SUS420 & SUD440
  • HARDNESS:HRC50-55 degree
  • Clip to hold scope:0-75mm
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