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VISE-160MW Precision stainless Vise wire EDM - Wire EDM clamping tools / stainless vise
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Clamping range: length:0-160mm; depth:60mm

Features :

  • Precision wire cutting vise is used in conjunction with the high precision accessory;
  • Super cold treating the stainless steel material after heat treatment,makes the rustless tools easy to be maintained and preserve lasting precision;
  • The vise can be adjusted up and down,lever and right,(X,Y,Z) forth and back to make parallelism.
  • Jaw angle is using a special cross-eyes design with stingily clamping,not upturned, high water resistance against high flushing pressure;
  • Srong clamping can stand high water pressure.


  • Parallelism within:100mm/3um
  • Squareness within:100mm/5um
  • Material:SUS420 and SUS440
  • HARDNESS:HRC50-55 degree
  • Clip to hold scope:0-160mm
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